Full Mouth Reconstruction FAQs

Dr. Hoon Ko may recommend a full mouth reconstruction to bring aesthetic harmony to your mouth and reduce the risk of oral health problems in the future. Here are some of the most common full mouth reconstruction FAQs from patients. If you have immediate questions not listed below, call our office today.

What is full mouth reconstruction surgery?

Missing teeth can wreak havoc on the structure and stability of your teeth and facial structure. A full mouth reconstruction addresses missing teeth and the auxiliary anatomy that is affected by tooth loss. If you are only missing one tooth, a full reconstruction is unnecessary. But if you lose multiple teeth, it can determine the overall function of your mouth, making it difficult to chew, speak, and smile.  

What treatments does a full mouth reconstruction include?

A full mouth reconstruction procedure can include a combination of cosmetic and therapeutic dental treatments. Common treatments combined in a full mouth reconstruction include dental crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays, implants, dental prosthetics, partial or full dentures, and more. The goal of treatment is the complete restoration of your natural oral function, such as chewing, speaking, and smiling.

Am I a good candidate for full mouth reconstruction?

If you have good overall oral health but a few missing teeth, you may or may not need a full mouth reconstruction. In general, a complete reconstruction is necessary for patients with diverse dental problems that require a unique treatment plan to correct function and aesthetic degradation.


Every patient’s treatment plan is unique to their situation, but most procedures take several months to complete. Good candidates for full mouth reconstruction can be under general sedation for extended periods over the course of several months.   

Does it hurt to get a full mouth reconstruction?

You will not feel any pain during your full mouth reconstruction treatment. Dr. Hoon Ko will prescribe pain-relieving medication for you to use if necessary upon returning home. The surgical area will receive local anesthesia to numb all physical sensations during surgery.

How much does full mouth reconstruction cost?

It is impossible to offer a ballpark estimate for your total mouth reconstruction price. Every patient’s treatment is uniquely catered to their dental needs, which Dr. Hoon Ko will determine during your initial consultation. Schedule your consultation and request a cost estimate for your procedure to get an accurate idea of the price.

How long does the reconstruction process take?

Full mouth reconstruction can often take several months to a year because of the different treatments that a procedure includes. The more complex reconstruction you need, the longer the timeline to completion. The final results may not be immediate, but they are well worth the longevity of your dental health.


Do you have more questions about your full mouth reconstruction procedure? Call our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Hoon Ko and get answers to your full mouth reconstruction FAQs.